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As a netball coach you will develop strong positive relationships with young people and become a role model.

You should adopt the highest standards, as you have a vital role in providing a fun and safe environment in which young people can enjoy their netball experience. You must be aware of your duty of care and current guidance on good practice, and act responsibly when you are around young people. This will safeguard and protect the young people you coach and reduce the potential for misunderstandings and inappropriate allegations being made.


All coaches and volunteers who work with young people in netball are in a position of trust which has been invested in them by parents, the sport, and the young person. This relationship can be described as one in which the adult is in a position of power and influence by virtue of their position.



All young people within netball, regardless of age, ability, sex, race, religion or belief, ethnic origin, social status or sexual orientation, have the right to be protected from harm.


The rights, dignity and worth of all young people should always be respected.


All coaches and volunteers must familiarise themselves with the Welsh Netball Safeguarding Policy and Procedures what is good practice and poor practice.


Coaching checklist


  • Is the environment and equipment safe?
  • Do you have enough support?
  • Are activities age appropriate?
  • Do you have the appropriate training?
  • Have you completed a DBS (formerly CRB) disclosure through Welsh Netball?
  • Please see further guidance in the useful downloads section.


Useful websites with further resources for teachers and other professionals working with young people.


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Sports Coach UK

Child Protection in Sport Unit

Useful Downloads

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